Mark is currently the Owner of Mark Beier, LLC “On The Go Health & Fitness”, a company dedicated to providing health, fitness and nutritional coaching to busy professionals and small businesses looking to increase efficiency and productivity and lead healthier, wealthier lives.

Mark has over 15 years of experience with client service in several different industries.  Mark started his client service career working as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers. After spending five and a half years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mark left the corporate world to pursue his passion for helping people live healthier lives. Mark moved to California and enrolled in culinary school and became a personal trainer. As a personal trainer and personal chef to his clients, Mark was able to experiment with healthy food alternatives that would satisfy their tastes and their goals of living healthier lives.

Mark created Mark Beier LLC, “On The Go Health & Fitness” in late 2009 to help address the growing problem small business have with promoting a healthy work-life balance within their organizations. Mark develops individual wellness programs that address the unique organizational needs of each business. These programs are designed as cost-saving strategies that reduces sick days, reduce insurance premiums and reduce employee absenteeism, while increasing productivity, increasing employee efficiency and increasing employee morale, which ultimately increases the company’s bottom line.

Where I Run and Workout

If I’m running, working out or training indoors you can find

me at    On Your Mark Training

in the West Loop.

If I’m running outdoors, I like

a few different routes based

on how long I feel like going

that day. Here are three of my favorites. Wrigleyville to the Lake; Lakeshore 6 Miler;     Lakeshore/Lincoln Park 10 Miler

On My Playlist

Music is an inspirational part of my life and I hardly ever workout without my iPod. I have to admit, I like a lot of different music, right now I have anything from AC/DC and the Foo Fighters to Biggie Smalls and a lot of Country on my playlist.


My Hobbies

One of my first passions in life

is cooking, I love the way it brings

family and friends together.

For fun, I love going skiing, whether

it be on snow or water, it’s an

amazingly free feeling.

Competitively, I love competing

in triathlons, there’s still a

competitive spirit inside me from

years of playing high school and

college sports.

My Favorite Restaurants

I’ve had the luxury of living in two of the greatest food cities in the world, San Francisco and now

Chicago. Here are few of

my favorites.

The French Laundry; Avec; Delfina; Osha Thai Noodle House

My Indulgences

Even those of us in the health and fitness industry have our moments when we need to indulge in something that makes life worth living! My favorite place   for a burger is Kumas Korner, They have about 30 different kinds of burgers and I haven’t met one I didn’t like. If you call yourself a Chicagoan you have to have a favorite Pizza place, mine is Pete’s Pizza, gotta go with the sausage! Lastly, I almost always have a little Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream in my freezer to satisfy my sweet tooth.


© 2009 Mark Beier